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Our 3 and 4-year-old preschool programs offer your child a great place to start.

Established in 1995, Saint Joseph offers an academic, literacy based program. We utilize a theme-based curriculum that focuses on pre-kindergarten and fine motor skills in a Christ-centered environment. Your child will spend a great deal of each day getting prepared for the very important job of being a student.

Young children learn best through play, exploration, and multi-sensory experiences.

The program at Saint Joseph Pre-K is designed to fit these learning characteristics. It offers a Christ-centered, developmentally appropriate environment in which each student is loved and accepted as a special child of God. Activities and experiences are created to meet the needs of young children. Children are busy talking, playing, exploring, and learning in a classroom filled with Jesus’ love.

We establish the foundation for learning with reading and math preparation as well as the other basic skills that make the transition into Kindergarten a smooth one. All students have opportunities for art, music, library visits, and physical education. A child who learns to love learning and school is a child who has the best chance of achievement…it can and should be fun!

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