Dress Code


6.1 General Regulations

In order to encourage an environment of unity and school pride, it is the policy of St. Joseph’s that all students wear a school uniform. Each day students are expected to be clean, well groomed, and uniforms are to be in good condition. Only the Principal may announce “free dress” days or exceptions to the uniform code. Parents will be notified of any changes in the uniform code. The following dress code is mandatory and will be enforced with no exceptions.


6.2 School Uniform-Boys and Girls

  • Shirts: White, navy blue or red short or long sleeve, plain, polo-type shirts.  Shirts must be kept tucked in at all times.

  • Pants: Navy blue or khaki uniform pants - no cargo pants, corduroy, side zippers/pockets or decorations.

  • Shorts: Navy blue or khaki walking shorts.  ALL shorts should be no more than 2 inches from the knee.

  • Skirts/Jumpers (Girls):  Navy blue or khaki skirts or jumpers.  These should be no more than 2 inches from the knee.  Girls are required to wear shorts under skirts or jumpers.  They may also wear navy, red or white tights and knee socks.  (No other color allowed).  It is parents’ responsibility to check the length of these garments as children grow in height throughout the school year and may grow out of their uniforms.

  • Belts: A belt must be worn with all garments having belt loops.

  • Fleece/Sweatshirt:  Navy blue fleece or sweatshirt with St. Joseph logo.  Students are also permitted to wear red, white or navy blue pull-over sweaters, cardigans, or sweatshirts that do not contain the school logo. No other logos may be on the garment.

  • Shoes: Non- marking athletic shoes or plain dress shoes.  No sandals, clogs, flip flops, musical, fluorescent, rolling, open-toed, or open-heeled shoes are permitted.  Short, low-heeled boots may be worn in very cold weather. Shoe laces must be tied at all times. Only athletic type shoes should be worn on PE days.

  • Socks:  Crew/regular/ankle socks must be worn with all shoes. Girls may wear red, navy or white tights or leggings. No other colors or patterns on any tights or socks.

  • Jewelry: A watch, a ring, one bracelet or one necklace (limited to religious crosses or medals) may be worn. Girls may wear one pair of post earrings, but no multiple earrings per ear.

  • Hairstyles:  Hair shall be worn in an appropriate manner.  It should be of natural color, combed neatly, and of a non-distracting style. Boys are expected to maintain a hairstyle with hair above the ears and above the eyebrows.  The hair neckline may not drape over the collar.  Girls’ hairstyles must be off the face and out of the eyes. The final decision for appropriate hairstyle rests with the Principal.

  • Nail polish/make-up: Neither is allowed with uniform nor on casual dress days.  Students will be required to remove any such nail polish or make-up.  Make up for class presentations are allowed for the presentation only.

  • Casual dress day: Clothes worn on free dress days should be in good taste and comply with school rules.  No spandex (leggings) without proper coverage, cut-offs, tank tops, muscle shirts, mini-skirts, low cut dresses or tops, backless dresses or tops, sleeveless, spaghetti straps or deep cut sleeves, short shorts, basketball shorts, or sports shorts may be worn.    Parents should check designs and logos on apparel before sending students to school.  Many advertising logos are not appropriate for a Catholic school.  Students not in compliance may be required to change clothing.

  • Jackets of any color may be worn outside on cold days. School fleece, sweatshirt or navy/red/white sweaters may be worn inside the building or in church on cold days. All hooded garments and hats should be removed from head when inside the buildings.

  • Preschool: It is recommended that preschool students wear pants with elastic waistband and shoes with Velcro or zipper closings.

  • Out of uniform: Students not in compliance with the dress code will be issued an “out of uniform” slip, which could result in a penalty if the action is repeated.